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War Memorial Of The Month - July 2015  

Rochdale, Lancashire  

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 To protect and promote the spirit and substance of the work of Sir Edwin Lutyens OM

The war memorial for Rochdale began life as a proposal for a commemorative bridge over the River Roch which was to contain both a Stone of Remembrance and a statue of a recumbent soldier.  However, when it was decided to culvert the river instead, Lutyens was asked to revised his initial proposal.  He decided to retain the War Stone and lifted the soldier to the top of a striking cenotaph with four painted stone flags.

Location:  In front of the Fusilier Museum, Moss Street, Bury, BL9 0DF

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Both elements stand on a dais, very much in the manner of Southampton (see November 2014) but the overall setting is more generous.  Grey Cornish granite is used for all of the stonework with the four painted flags adding a colourful highlight.  It is one of the architect’s best memorials.


The builders were Hodson’s of Nottingham and the cost was £12,611.  It was unveiled on 26 November 1922 by the Rt Hon the Earl of Derby.

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